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UW-F Series

UW-F Series

The UW-F Series is the latest generation of advanced banknote sorters from Glory, offers you maximum flexibility with true modularity - a choice of 4 configurations to suit virtually any banknote processing requirement, today and in the future. Providing exceptional levels of accuracy and security, the cost-effective UW-F Series delivers smoother, more efficient and continuous processing of large volumes of banknotes.



UW-F4: 144 lbs

UW-F8: 205 lbs

UW-F12: 267 lbs

UW-F16: 329 lbs

  • HOPPER CAPACITY: 2,000 notes

  • COUNT SPEED:  720 notes per minute


UW-F4: 23.6 in x 17.9 in x 24.4 in

UW-F8: 35.0 in x 17.9 in x 24.4 in

UW-F12: 46.4 in x 17.9 in x 24.4 in

UW-F16: 57.8 in x 17.9 in x 24.4 in

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