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ID badges are a simple, efficient, and effective way to ensure safety and security for your facility, employees, visitors and students. CCD can match the right card solution and software solution to accommodate your facility.

K-12 Education

Trust CCD Systems with your Identification System Solution for your school. Time, attendance, library and cafeteria accounts can be easily monitored. A single ID card with magnetic striping, bar code, and or smart card capabilities can eliminate labor intensive functions.

  • Student, faculty and staff identification

  • Student Attendance

  • Faculty Identification

  • Library/Media Center

  • Cafeteria Accounts

  • Access to Computer Labs

  • Access to Parking, Auditorium, Sports Areas and After-School Activities

Colleges and Universities

Student and staff ID cards serve many purposes on campus – ID’s may serve as multifunction cards, providing identification, access to library, cafeteria/food court accounting, access to on-campus facilities (gym, recreation areas) and parking control.

Let CCD assist you in finding a reliable and durable card that is ideal for your needs.

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