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With the new age of electronics, the gaming world is on a non-stop ride to technology. TITO has opened a lot of avenues on how you can now better serve your customers. With currency rather then coin being the dominating factor and ticket-out rather than coin or tokens to be redeemed helps to simplify the payout process. With the increase of currency circulation and tickets that require redemption, the use of Casino Kiosks, Currency Dispensers and Recyclers are now a necessity.

CCD is proud to introduce Glory’s SK-100 Casino Kiosk. The SK-100 is able to handle the ticket redemption and bill break process with ease and accuracy. The SK-100 is GLI approved and capable of connecting to a multitude of casino tracking software.

Some of the SK-100 benefits are:

  • The ability to cash out up to 10 tickets in a single transaction having five currency and three coin denomination dispensing capabilities

  • The high resolution 15” color, touch screen monitor with simple yet thorough help menus for faster, self-service process

  • A high speed clear thermal printer

  • A dip-style card reader

  • Double locks for maximum security

  • An uninterruptible power supply

With security always an issue in the Casino environment, controlling the cash exposure is of the utmost importance. With the use the PD-600 Cash Dispenser and RBU-11 Currency Recycler, the walking attendants can carry less cash and quickly replenish their bank at the PD-600/RBU-11 unit without waiting in line at a window to retrieve additional funds. In addition, the unit will simplify the balancing addition, the system works on your standard jackpot PC connecting through a line-monitoring array. This system allows the jackpot to be processed as normal then dispense the amount upon completion of the jackpot process.

The Casino / Gaming & Leisure market requires high-quality, highly-reliable cards for players, members and guests. These cards need to be provided quickly and easily. CCD can create the card solution that meets the needs of your gaming facility. A full range of printers for lower or high volume printing requirements – full-color or monochrome, single or dual-sided – the options are endless!

Our complete product line of machines, systems and software are irreplaceable tools for an industry that operates non-stop, day and night.

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