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Banks and Credit Unions alike have taken the turn to branch automation and is today’s reality. Either branch-wide or by interfacing a couple of machines, nothing increases bottom line profits faster than reduced labor costs. CCD Systems can provide the right solutions to supply what you need today and for the future. Our ongoing goal is to provide machines, systems and software which can be integrated into your systems that are durable, and easy-to-use.

With complete or partial branch automation CCD’s expertise in cash handling products such as hard working compact currency counters, cost-cutting currency recycler, discriminators and self-service coin technology will increase customer service, increase security (exposed funds), reduce or eliminate teller variances freeing up FTE’s for more important tasks such as cross selling.


Increase your productivity immediately with a Currency Recycler which allows two tellers to do both in bound and out bound transactions from one efficient, secure, cash recycler. Teller variances are quickly reduced greatly.


Without the assistance from banking personnel, your customers can now conveniently and easily deposit and process coins with a Self-Service Coin Deposit Station. Reduce labor hours and eliminate human error. No more waiting in lines!


Increase efficiency with our Currency Discriminators for superior compact counting and counterfeit detection.

The future of banking automation can be realized with the expertise of CCD Systems selection of cash handling products and systems.

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