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Identification of employees and visitors is very critical at all law enforcement agencies and government locations. Our cards solutions designate access status for secure areas. Police departments, court buildings, correctional facilities and government agencies can secure their facilities with card and software solutions by CCD Systems.

Plastic and Metal Identification cards can be realized through products offered by CCD Systems. Software is easily integrated into existing systems with little or no downtime.


Cash management is a very important and necessary need for many government applications. We specialize in fully automated cash management solutions. We have automation solutions ranging from, at register either cashier facing or customer facing cash control as well as a very successful back-office cash and coin recycling system to provide all cashiers cash activity fully tracked and reported.

The Cima and the CRU cash recycling solution is already widely used in the county tax collectors throughout much of Florida as well as it has made its way to Georgia and Texas. We have also found our way into the circuit courts environment.  If you have a cash management need CCD Systems has a solution fitting those needs.  

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