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Standard Register TE1914 Exception Item Encoder

With Standard Register TE1914 you print MICR account numbers, MICR routing numbers and MICR return item numbers on your checks and documents. Easily print the MICR field on starter checks.

With Standard Register TE1914, your tellers and support personnel can encode missing account numbers on internal documents in seconds, faster and easier than any competitive model. And they can do it virtually error-free because of the TE1914 encoder’s refined user-friendly design, high-quality ribbons and patented printing technology.

The compact footprint of the Standard Register TE1914 check encoder frees up room for other functions, improving customer service. Because ribbons can be stored and changed by your operators on-site, downtime is limited. By encoding at the teller station, you save time and money up-front, before items with missing or inaccurate account information reach your proof department. And you don’t pay for excess or redundant features of large-scale, back room check encoders.

Standard Register TE1914 Exception Item Encoder


  • Large slope of drop station decreases misfeeds and enhances productivity

  • High yield MICR ribbons reduce “cost of use” by minimizing changes

  • Combination of ribbon quality and patented print hammer lowers reject rate to well less than half of one percent

  • Improved, angled, backlit display is easier to read by both standing and sitting tellers

  • Deep document holding area improves operator efficiency

  • Versatile keyboard with clearly labeled keys reduces entry errors

  • Easily reprogrammable

Optional Features:

  • Check digit generation and/or verification

  • Serial numbering

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