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CIMA and the C.R.U. (200)

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Introducing: The CIMA ATS 9000 cassette-based Currency Recycling Unit joined with the newly created CRU 200 Cabinet will provide a completely automated cash room solution. Reasonably priced and sized to fit the smaller to mid-sized retail sales environments. The CIMA 9000 receives, dispenses, and authenticates all currency while the CRU cabinet coupled with a Glory coin sorter and Seiko SH-400 dispensers provide all needed coin actions and reporting. CIMA & the CRU shortens the time and amount of employees needed to maintain the cash and coin throughout the day allowing more time for exceptional customer service that people today are craving. These two products combined give benefits to you and your employees from starting till to ending balance with the ease of Touch Screen simplicity all while keeping safe and secure! The system dispenses pre-programmed till amounts, provides change and the ending till can be deposited for an immediate balance. All while providing the information to your back office electronically via our backoffice software. CIMA & the CRU dispense, make change or deposit register tills in a matter of seconds. Let us show you how we can help you save BIG!!... Time & $$$ Measurements: CIMA ATS 9000 (L x W x H) 40 ¼”” x 18” x 34” CRU Cabinet (L x W x H) 24” x 18” x 37"

Cima and the C.R.U. (200)

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