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CIMA SDM-500 Small Deposit Machine

CIMA SDM-500 Small Deposit Machine

SDMSOO represents the perfect solution for retail back offices. A small but smart, high performing deposit unit, it is the right solution to meet any of your needs.
The extremely compact top plate is made of an input tray which contains up to 30 banknotes at a time, it contains a simple and functional notes’ transport. an exit tray, a top cover eustomlzable In color and a BVSOOO authenticity sensor.
manufactured by CIMA and certified by the European Central Bank. The BVSOOO bill validator is a full·image sensor, which combines the most innovative technologies on the market, offering improved functionalities and more room for possible customization. The 3 banknotes/sec input speed is ideal to manage medium cash volumes, including the possibility to feed In small bundles (maximum 30 notes).
A user ·friendly interface equipped with a PC board completes the work: the operator identifies himself through the Dallas key or the card reader, and follows his deposit on a colorful and reliable touch screen, and then prints his own receipt.
The device operating software, called CADS, banks all data, which could be regained to have the daily·credit on your bank account, in case the device is fully integrated In the bank system. Since the device does ‘t have the escrow function. rejected notes go to the exit tray, while accepted notes are dropped in the bag inside the safe. CIMA offers three kinds of bags: the high capacity canvas bag containing up to 5,000 notes and locked by a cover and a manual seal, the selfsealing disposable bag containing up to 4,000 notes, and finally, the brand new: the heat self·sealing disposable bag,
containing up to 4,000 notes. No longer will dual control be required, which results in a remarkable cost savings. Thanks to its competitiveness and high speed, SDMSOO, is ideal for retailers, wholesalers,  amusement parks and gas stations managers. chemist shops, cinemas and any time you want to cut off the money counting and to optimize CIT servicing. SDMSOO is the ideal solution to optimize the back-oftice of a small-retailer, having up to 10 cash points. All·in: all market performances in one only small space:

  • High speed: 3 notes/second

  • Full-image authenticity sensor

  • Disposable bag: win win bag and heat sealing bag

  • With the win win bag or heat-sealing bag, safe’s opening

just after the bag’s selfsealing.
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