UWH -1000/5000

UWH-1000/1500 - Banknote Sorter With Strapping Function

The UWH-1000 dramatically improves your cash management environment by sorting and strappinh cash. Workload is minimized and accuracy achieved with reliable fitness sorting and counterfeit detection. Finding space for the UWH-1000 is not a problem as its compact design means it fits virtually anywhere in your cash center.



CAPACITY:      Reject stacker: 150 notes x 2

Staker: 500 notes x 4

Fail safe pocket: 50 notes

Strap collecting box: 15 straps


COUNTING SPEED:      720  notes/min


DIMENSIONS:              UWH-1000 -27.6 IN X 23.6 in x 55.1 in

UWH-1000 -27.6 IN X 23.6 in x 96.5 in

WEIGHT:                      UWH-1000: 903.9 lbs

                                            UWH-1500: 1631.4 lbs

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