Glory UW-500 I UW-600 Currency Sorter

Glory UW-500 I UW-600 Currency Sorter

The Glory UW-500 Currency Sorter (four stackers) and Glory UW-600 Currency Sorter (eight stackers) were developed to improve function and reduce processing time after an in-depth analysis of banknote handling processes. They are equipped with a variety of features, such as a multi-stacker system that improves sorting and separating performance, a reject stacker system with two stackers, as well as a large-capacity hopper with a banknote pressing function. These powerful sorters deliver outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. They are Glory’s latest answer to the need for smoother, more efficient continuous processing of large amounts of banknotes. The Glory UW-500/600 Currency Sorter will streamline your work process and slash operational costs.


High Tech Recognition Capability with Superb Authentication

Banknote handling machines must deliver both high efficiency and a combination of speed and accuracy. GLORY’s uw-500 and UW-600 offer High Tech Fitness Sorting Sensors and Superb Authentication Sensors while processing at a remarkably high rate of speed of 720 notes per minute.


Multi-Stacker Configurations for Diverse Sorting Patterns with Fewer Re-Sorting Steps

The UW-500 is equipped with four stackers, and the UW-600 comes with eight stackers. This allows diverse sorting and arrangement patterns for each banknote setting operation, and reduces the number of re-sorting steps required by machines with fewer stackers


Larger Stackers with UP TO 500-Note Capacity

Higher Efficiency for Continuous, Large-Volume Processing Each of the UW-500/600 stackers hold up to 500 banknotes. This significantly increases efficiency and speed while continuously processing a large volume of banknotes, reducing the frequency of stopping and starting.

Large-Capacity Hopper with an Assisted Feedfng Mechanism

for a lower incidence of feeding issues due to poor quality banknotes The large-capacity hopper holds 1,000 banknotes. Thanks to the Assisted Feeding Mechanism the hopper reliably feeds one note at a time to prevent jamming or high rejects due to double feeding. The open-type hopper lets you keep an eye on the banknote feeding process so you can add more notes in continuous large-volume deposits.

Twin ReJect Stacker System

Less work for sorting rejected banknotes  Two reject stackers with 150 banknotes holding capacity. This also reduces frequentstopping and starting. Two enlarged reject stackers have greatly improved the UW’s “Non-Stop Operation” and allow banknotes to be rejected individually by recognition effect. This reduces the amount of work normally required for sorting
rejected banknotes


Double-LCD Display with Illustrated Operator Guidance
for ease of use and operation The display section features two side-by-side LCDs, one for displaying data andmessages and the other for use as an illustrated system guide. Wide display screens  substantially improve visibility


Easier Maintenance Quick Trouble Recovery reduces processing Interruptions
The system features a completely opening top that allows easy maintenance of the banknote transport section. Should banknotes jam or foreign object in the counting or transport section, the wide-opening upper section of the main unit makes it easy to find and remove the jammed notes or foreign object. A dust tray is also provided for easy removal of accumulated dust. *Also available in casino models for processing tickets (TITO)
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