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Glory QuickChange Self Service Coin Deposit

The QuickChange® is a fully-automated, self-service coin deposit solution which enables financial institutions to draw more customers to the branch. QuickChange can eliminate up to 400 hours per year of non-customer facing labor, enhance customer engagement, and increase core deposits. As a destination service, QuickChange also offers the potential for fee income.
Glory Global Solutions is a World Expert in cash management, delivering technology and solutions that provide security, productivity and innovation to our customers. These solutions are supported by the technical expertise of GLORY Group of Japan, the pioneer in development and manufacture of money handling machines across the financial, retail, vending machine,
amusement and gaming industries for nearly 100 years. Across the world, Glory Global Solutions is trusted by thousands of organizations to ensure their cash is managed securely and efficiently whilst delivering the ultimate in productivity. 2,500 professionals, including over 1,300 service and support staff and 350 business partners cover over 128 countries delivering these solutions – wherever money moves.
The overall QuickChange® design and staff-friendly features that promote continuous processing ensures your customers and staff will embrace this new service.

Glory QuickChange Self Service Coin Deposit

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Continuous processing ensures customer satisfaction

QuickChange has easily viewed status lights located on each side of the front which alert branch staff to the machine’s status to ensure the solution is always available for client use.

QuickChange utilizes Glory’s proven technology

Uses Figure 8 Mach® sorting technology and WAVETM high performance coin authentication system

Auto-feed with the safety lock

Automatically and safely advances coins without user intervention

Simple two-button operation

Dual language capability, and large display make it easy to use for children and adults

Coin output options include coin bags or dual coin bins Quick release bag holders

Full bag removal and changeover is quick and easy, minimizing machine down time

Bins are strong, durable and can be moved with minimal effort Custom branding opportunities

Door facade insert, receipts, and optional overhead sign or electronic display Screen customization to include Desired colors and logo On-screen messaging before, during and after each transaction

Marketing Success Kit

The QuickChange Success Kit includes a sample marketing plan complete with creative applications such as transaction stuffers, posters and advertisements to ensure successful  implementation.

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