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Dirty Money Solution

With the threat of coronavirus lurking on our commonly-used surfaces, many people have been vigilantly disinfecting everything in sight, but they're likely overlooking the most nefarious coronavirus host of all—paper money. Cold hard cash changes hands sometimes dozens of times in a day and remains in circulation for years without any disinfection. Everyone has cash hiding somewhere, whether in their pockets, purse, or junk drawer.

Money is notoriously filthy and proven to carry bacteria and viruses, which rapidly facilitates the spread of disease. A 2017 study published in PLOS ONE looked at a dollar from a bank in New York City and found hundreds of diverse species of microorganisms living on the bill. As for COVID-19, a study done by The Lancet found that the coronavirus can survive on banknotes for up to four days.

I think we have something to help. If you are already using our cash automation solution, (Cima and the CRU) we can help put a practice in lace to control and clean the cash. If not, we can automate your cash activities and put in place a format to clean the money. This will help keep the environment clean and safe for your employees as well as customers.

Let us help clean up your cash flow.

With the use of our sanitizer solutions we can put together a process to clean your cash in the cash vault as well as all cash within their starting cash. If you have concerns and would like to discuss how we can help please reach out to me so we can discuss how this system can be put in place.

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