AST 7000

AST 7000 series

AST 7000 NTS is an automatic cash in cash out recycling unit.
Designed to guarantee very high performances in counters with many cash transactions. AST nts ensutes the security and reliability needed to project open branches, allowing at the same time to speed up cash processing operations.
THe teller cash recyler handles the stroage., safekeeping(the safe is available in 5mm, UL291, CEB l, CEN 3 and CEN 4), and distribution fo banknotes through one input pocket.
the unit is equlpped with 8 recycling drums with a capacity up to 700 banknotes each; the magazines are conceived with a drum technology. Banknotes recognition is performend by CIMA's sensor BV 5000 employing all the most advanced technologies: magnetic. infrared, fluorescence, ultraviloet, visile light.
it's possible to have both the authenticity recognition function and the fitness feature; in both cases all solutions are compliant with the regulations of the main central banks (Euro currency included).
the very small size and innovative and pleasant look make the unit suitable for any bank environment.
AST 7000 NTS stores and withdraws banknotes at a speed of 7 and 6 banknotes per second respectively.
to allow an easy service the frame has been conceived in a way that it can be completely removed, so that maintenacne can bedone in a remote area without interrupting the teller's normal operations.

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