AMROTEC X-3000 Currency Sorters with 3-Stackers

AMROTEC®  Introduces the New X-3000 Currency Sorter with 2 main Stacker Pockets and 1 Reject Pocket, facilitates Mixture banknotes Value counting, ATM and FED Fitness Detection, 2 Denomination Sorting into Dual Pockets as wel las Facing and Orientation. Further it is equipped with the capability of processing Casino barcoded Tickets and currency in mixture in one pass delivers to 2 Separate Stackers. Reject pocket is used for all non-recognized currency and tickets, suspect banknotes or unfit or non-assigned banknotes.The entire counting operation is performed non-interrupted without having to stop the machine, thus increase job-site productivity. The best equipment in the market for ATM cash replenishment for financial institutions or Casino operators.

X-3000 is equipped with 4.3″ TFT Color External Control Panel (attachable as well) for operation along with count number display for each stacker pockets. X-3000 further provides easy system and software upgrade via USB PC connectivity or SD Card and equipped with dual COM ports, USB, & LAN port.


Multi-level counterfeit detection sensors includes Dual CIS, Multi-channel of MR, MG & UV to detect Super CF. Other feature includes easy access from all bill paths from front access (clam-sheel cabinet design)  facilitates jam bill removal and simple routing maintenance work. Dual-user software design allows two tellers or cashiers to share one machine with invidual setting preferences.


Full Fitness Sorting capability with tape & three levels of detection (ATM, FED FIT, UNFIT) complied with Federal Reserve Fitness Sorting Guideline (Recirculation Policies 2008). Various  Counting Modes are provided including MIX, Single(DD), Face, Orient, Issue,  Barcode (TITO), SN (option) and Multi-Currency Detection Up to 10 currencies in one single machine (USD Standard) interface.

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